'I'm a salesman, Harry. I wouldn't have any use for a conscience.'

Meet Tom Murphy -- super salesman, and conman supreme. Don't miss this hilarious new novel that exposes some dodgy dealing in far-away places.

Available now from a bookshop near you; John Mulligan's hilarious new novel lifts the lid on the more squalid side of the foreign property business.


In the middle of the boom years, when tens of thousands of British and Irish buyers queued up to buy homes in the sun, not all the people selling these places were exactly what they seemed.

Enter Tom Murphy, the super salesman with no scruples who could sell "shoes to the footless." Tom joins forces with the larger than life Tania Sherry to relieve lots of buyers of their hard-earned cash with their own special scam, the "Guaranteed Rental Caper." No tenants? No problem; they can invent some.

Did they get caught, or did they ride off into the sunset with their ill-gotten gains?

Could this happen in real life? Would buyers fall for such an obvious scam?

Read "No Place in the Sun", out now from Original Irish Writing Ltd.

This is the book that will spell the end of the foreign property business for all time, and that will make it hard for any salesman to sell anything, ever again!


What they said about "No Place in the Sun"

  "Selling overseas properties to the rich and the gullible - the author knows that murky world because he worked there, kept his eyes open and his honour intact. Now combine that knowledge with the gifts of a master storyteller, and you get one extraordinarily gripping and at times hilarious novel." —David Rice, author of The Pompeii Syndrome and the No.1 bestselling Shattered Vows


"The author has been a dependable source for journalists writing about the property market over the years.  This is a well-told and entertaining novel, and a great read." Kate McMorrow, property journalist.