Still drinking beer from a bottle? Read on....

Take that dirty thing out of your mouth!

When beer is brewed in the brewery it is a clean product, safe to drink (unless you drink too much of it of course!). It is put in sterile bottles, capped and put in crates.


So far, so good!


Then it is put on trucks and delivered to your local pub. The bottles are still clean -- I mean, the delivery men might use the crate of bottles for a handy seat, but their overalls are always spotless, so don't worry. Maybe the bottles get a little splashed by passing trucks on the motorway, but that's just rainwater and tyre dust and spilled oil and diesel and dogshit. Yum yum!


The deliverymen take the crates from the truck and pass them down into the  pub cellar. Nice clean place, it gets swept out once a month to get rid of all the mouse and rat droppings. No worries there then!

Ah, isn't he cute!!!


You see, the mice and rats may run across the beer crates in their search for food, but there's something that keeps them moving right along, for your protection.

Yes, it's our friend pussycat! She terrifies the wandering rodents, so much so that they lose control of their bladders and piss all over the beer bottles. Lovely!

That's not really a problem though; sure don't the bar staff clean every bottle with a special cloth before they put it on the shelf?

No worries there then, because if they didn't, you might stand a good chance of catching Weil's Disease (Leptospirosis) from the rat piss.

Leptospirosis is the term used to describe diseases caused by the microorganism "Leptospira." It can range from mild to severe flu-like symptoms to full-blown Weils, which can be severe and often fatal.

Still, there's that special cloth that the bar staff use......

It really works well, just look how clean it gets the toilet!


Still drinking beer from a bottle?

Don't you realise that publicans cultivate the image  that drinking beer from a bottle is cool, just to save time and money in serving drinks. Savings that they pass on to you of course (???).

Don't be so disgusting; ask for a glass...

Your mouth will thank you for it.

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 And take that dirty thing out of your mouth!