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Irish Farmers Journal: No Place in the Sun. "We thought we were going to be the landlords of Europe!" says John Mulligan, the author of a timely new book titled No Place in the Sun. It is based on the property bubble in Bulgaria, the crooks who fed it and the Irish who bought into it.  After spending years working with property agencies selling property anywhere from Spain to Hungary, Mulligan knows just how frantic the rush for foreign property became in Ireland during the mythological Celtic Tiger years. "People got wiped out, but many don't even know it yet because of two-year 'guaranteed' rental schemes" says Mulligan.  "They were quoted rental incomes of 5,000 a year, but they'll be lucky if they get 500."  Visit to buy a copy for 10.

Sunday Independent Review page:  Bag a Book for the Beach! No Place in the Sun by John Mulligan is the fictional story of a guy who sold foreign property to gullible Irish clients, sometimes at twice the market value. To shift worthless apartments in Bulgaria, he invents the concept of a guaranteed rental return. A great read!

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