Ah, the Celtic Tiger -- where did it all go wrong?

Remember the big rush to buy foreign property?

Did Tom Murphy sell you a property in Bulgaria and a promise of riches?

Did you lose all your money?

Tom Murphy is a salesman, one of the best in the business. When he loses his job selling washing machines he goes to work for a mad Welshman, selling "clocked" cars. With the law on his heels he moves to Spain, where he quickly gets involved in a dodgy timeshare business.

An Irish businessman recognises that Tom is one of that rare breed, a salesman who can sell anything to anyone; he entices him back to Dublin to sell Spanish property to people who seem to have an awful lot more money than sense. Tom meets a ruthless woman called Tania Sherry ('Tits,' to her friends). Together they decide to ride this wave of buyers with lots of borrowed money at their disposal, in what everyone is calling the "Celtic Tiger" economy.

Before long, they are selling cheap apartments in the Bulgarian mountains to this new generation of naive buyers. To make the sales pitch more attractive, they decide that a "guaranteed rent" might be just what is needed. No tenants? No problem, they can invent some!

So is any of it above board? Do the punters make their fortunes, or is it Tom and Tania that make a pile?

Who are the winners, and who are the losers, and why has Mickey Macken taken time off from his job as Ireland's best known racing commentator to help Tania to sell dreams in Bulgaria? Just who is being taken for a ride here?

This hilarious new novel will make you laugh out loud, as long as you're not one of the people who lost all their money in Bulgaria.

One thing is sure, you'll never buy anything from a salesman again.

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