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"The author has been a dependable source for journalists writing about the property market over the years.  This is a well-told and entertaining novel, and a great read – buy it!"

Kate McMorrow, property journalist.

Attention booksellers!

Every now and then a book comes along that excites the interest of the public, a book that stands out from the crowd and gets people talking. Frank McDonald and Kathy Sheridan came up with a winning formula in their recent book "The Builders", filling a need for inside information on the role of developers and builders in the shaping of modern Ireland. 'The Builders' almost immediately hit the best-seller lists, and has stayed there.

John Mulligan's new novel, 'No Place in the Sun', is such a book. Written by an industry insider, this work of fiction closely parallels the realities of the overseas property business in Ireland since the turn of the century. The naked greed of the main characters and the lemming-like behaviour of the buyers might be the stuff of fiction, but these characteristics were also to be found in abundance in the real world of Celtic Tiger Ireland. Described by best-selling author David Rice as a master storyteller, John Mulligan has managed to capture perfectly the story of the madness that was the rush to buy foreign property by Irish buyers, buyers who quite often didn't even know where the properties were located.

The book's central character, Tom Murphy, is a salesman devoid of conscience whose mantra is 'buyer beware; it's our job to sell, theirs to be careful.' 'No Place in the Sun' is certain to attract controversy, and will be heavily publicised.

The book is available from Argosy and from Eason Wholesale.

ISBN 978-1-907179-05-1

"Selling overseas properties to the rich and the gullible - the author knows that murky world because he worked there, kept his eyes open and his honour intact. Now combine that knowledge with the gifts of a master storyteller, and you get one extraordinarily gripping and at times hilarious novel."

—David Rice, author of The Pompeii Syndrome and the No.1 bestselling Shattered Vows


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