This is an extract from Chapter Nine. Tom has travelled to Hungary to meet an Israeli developer who can sell him cheap property in a bad part of town. Amir Mamser is a larger than life character with fixed views on everything.


He stopped at a corner and pointed out a magnificent gothic style building that filled the view on the left across an open area. It reminded Tom of the English houses of parliament; a huge dome topped off the impressive structure.

'Is the parliament palace, where stupid fuck Ungarian government works. Bastards!'

'Beautiful building.' Tom was impressed.

"You know why is on top a, how you say, cupola?'

'A dome?'

'Yes, a dome. You know why is on top a dome?'

Tom smiled; this was obviously a local joke. 'No, why is there a dome up there?'

'Because every circus must have big top.' The little man laughed loudly at his own joke.

Tom laughed along with him. 'Yes, every country has its clowns in power; we certainly have enough of them in government in Ireland. I suppose you have the same problem in Israel, in the Knesset?'

The Israeli's demeanour changed immediately; his face darkened with anger. 'No, in my country the parliament is serious business, no clowns; we live in a tough neighbourhood, mister.'

They waited in silence for the lights to change; Tom resolved not to make any more jokes about Israeli politicians, it was obviously a sore point.

Across the street Tom did his best to keep up with his guide as he scampered along. The little man pointed to the building on their right. "Here is fuck museum, appear many times in movies, very famous.'

'Fuck museum?' Tom was astounded; maybe this meant something else in Hungary. That's what they call it?'

'Yes, fuck museum, in very many films it appears.'

The building was an impressive structure, tall stone columns adorned the façade and the huge ornate entrance doors were approached by wide and elegant stone steps.

'What kind of films? Porno films?' Tom was having difficulty getting his head around the concept of a 'fuck museum.'

'No, no porno films, don't be stupid, you young guys have sex in the brains. Hollywood movies mostly, of course also films about fuck lure.'

'Fuck lure?'

'Exact. Fuck lure, from the villages of Ungaria.'

Tom suddenly realised what the fat man was talking about. 'Folklore museum, of course.'

'Yes, how many times I have to tell you, fuck lure museum, is no charge to enter also, some day you have time you enter, but not today, we have work to do.'

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